Testimonial: Beth & Jacco

· Caring, compassionate and highly qualified ·

Chitra is a caring, compassionate and highly qualified childbirth professional. I attended her 5-week hypnobirthing course, which helped me to have a relaxed and truly enjoyable birth experience.

Chitra’s course provided essential information about the basic physiological processes of childbirth and what to expect during delivery, while providing a nurturing and supportive environment in which she taught us to understand and work with those processes in a calm and relaxed way, to manage discomfort and reduce stress, to care for ourselves and to support each other. This course was attended by a small group of couples in a variety of birthing circumstances (home vs. water vs. hospital birth, some with complications), which ensured we could both hear other perspectives or questions, and receive personal attention and advice. Chitra maintained contact our group after we all had our babies, and continues to create ongoing opportunities for group support, education and encouragement for all of her families.

Birth education is a very personal kind of business, and Chitra strikes the delicate balance of being highly professional and knowledgeable while being warm, caring and compassionate. She tunes in to your individual needs and situation, modifying and adapting her education to suit you. Her pricing was very reasonable, she is very responsive to requests/questions, and her scheduling was flexible to accommodate working couples. Overall, I most highly recommend Chitra’s excellent work!

Beth & Jacco

18th March 2018

Chitra Natarajan

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