Testimonial: Neza & Geert

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Chitra helped me and my partner prepare for the biggest unknown so far – the birth of our first child.

During her Hypnobirthing course, we understood what will be happening during birthing and got our preferences for the process crystal clear. That took a lot of pressure of the unknown away. Furthermore, we understood how can my partner help me when the birthing comes – we became a team.

Chitra was supporting us every step of the way and offered her perspective when I was shipped to the hospital due to complications in the pregnancy. Her support and opinion helped me calm down and stand up for my wishes in the hospital where the staff was pushing for an early delivery which didn’t serve me or my child. In the end, I experienced what I dearly wished for: a short 4 hour painless birthing on my terms. What an empowering experience. Thank you, Chitra!

Neza & Geert

Chitra Natarajan

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