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A friend of mine talked to me about this very nice and enthusiastic person preparing women for birth. I therefore contacted Chitra and she sent me some material. I have to admit that the name, “hypno-birthing”, sounded a bit too hippy at the beginning, then, when I read about the main concept of following mother Nature and your own body predisposition to give birth, I thought that was the way I wanted to go. I then discussed with my partner and he agreed that following a natural method based mostly on self-relaxation, which was a good way to bring our child into the world.

I found the information I got from the hypnobirthing classes to be very helpful. During the classes and the fruitful discussions, Chitra explained us with enthusiasm the entire process of giving birth and caring for a new born baby. She helped us to understanding the mechanisms (muscles, hormones, blood flow..) that allow the process to unfold. And, mostly, she explained to us how listening to your body and letting the nature flows would have make all the difference in the world.  My birthing was not easy. It was long and tiring. But I could face it with calm and knowledge. I did not panic because I knew what to expect.  I would recommend a HypnoBirthing class to everyone who wants to get the tools to make of her birthing a positive experience.

Zoraide & Helmuth

Chitra Natarajan

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