Testimonial Maria & Tim

As soon as we found out that I was pregnant we started thinking about how we would prepare for the birth. I have never been scared of labour as my mom always told me labour was beautiful and natural. Still, we wanted to know what to expect and learn how to best achieve a calm birth for our first child.
A friend told me about her experience with Hypnobirthing and although the ‘Hypno’ part didn’t initially appeal to me she was very down to earth and her birth sounded so serene. I found Chitra’s website and Chitra really took her time to call me and explain the course. It felt right for us from the start. Although we first planned to have the birth in the hospital, during the course and equipped with new knowledge we decided a home water birth was what we wished for.
Chitra’s Hypnobirthing class is very down to earth. You learn about every stage of labour, the physiological, how to best deal with every phase of labour and how to deal with things that could go differently than planned. When my due date loomed I started to get a little nervous, especially because my sister gave birth a few weeks before and she had a long and tough labour. Chitra checked in on us regularly over the phone, offered advice and helped me to deal with my fear. In the end I had a beautiful labour at home in a birth pool and my partner was the best support I could wish for. I am sure that Chitra’s course had a great part in that. Even though we had to rush to the hospital right after the birth because I was losing too much blood, we managed to stay calm and positive thanks to our preparation and we were home again a few hours later with a healthy daughter.
18th March 2018

Chitra Natarajan