2021-01-26 | Baby Ahoy Podcast Trailer


Welcome to my Podcast, Baby Ahoy. 

Baby Ahoy is for anyone who is interested in stories around Pregnancy, Labor, Birth & Postpartum.  There is nothing called a Perfect Birth. Perfect Birth is a fantasy and this podcast will share different birth stories for you to connect with. It doesn’t matter how babies are born as far as the parents feel empowered, heard and respected. 
This fortnightly podcast will bring you real stories from real people who have given birth. There will be a range of birth stories to help you connect and demystify birth. All these Mothers have given birth knowing their strength, their preparation, implicit trust in their body, being actively involved in what they want for their birth will be inspiring.  Baby Ahoy will also have conversations around normalizing all sorts of births. In addition, we will also be talking about breastfeeding, postpartum blues, postpartum depression, sleep deprivation and other interesting topics.  I am a Birth Expert, Educator and I am passionate about empowering parents and this podcast is my gateway to reach as many parents as possible 

Looking forward to sharing my stories with you.


Chitra Natarajan

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