2021-02-15 | Baby Ahoy Season 1 – Emi Beckers Birth Story

Hi! Welcome to Baby Ahoy Podcast Season 1, Episode 1.  

In the first episode, Emi Beckers shares her Home Water Birth Story of her first child, Ravi in The Netherlands.

Emi is originally from the UK but moved to Amsterdam to be with her Dutch husband, Erik. She & Erik are avid travellers, loves Yoga, Vipasanna Meditators and DIY enthusiasts. Emi has a keen eye for colours, patterns, textures, interiors and practices sustainable living.

This is a fun episode about Emi’s Home Water Birth. We discussed her Positive birth story & Breastfeeding journey amidst the pandemic and a sudden lockdown.

In the beginning of the podcast, I refer to the pandemic and say 2019 however (as we all know) I am referring to the pandemic lockdown in 2020.

Please note, Emi refers to her birth as Unassisted birth and what she meant was Undisturbed birth. I don’t advise/recommend Unassisted birth.  

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