2021-03-01 |Baby Ahoy Season 1 – Maren Kus Birth Story

Maren Kus is a HypnoBirthing mum. Maren is from Germany. She met her husband in Berlin when he had moved to Berlin to settle down in 2015.
In 2020 Maren’s husband got a new job opportunity in Amsterdam and that’s why they moved to their favourite city just when the pandemic started. Maren gave birth to her baby girl in July 2020.
Maren is a Coach and has her own Coaching and Consulting company, she specialises in job- and career coaching as well as helping individuals with major life changes and navigating through new challenges. She is also trained in hypnosis and special coaching technique called ‚wing wave which Is derived from EMDR therapy.
Besides empowering people in her professional background, She is also a big advocate for body positivity and body inclusion. One of her hobbies is modelling and have had the opportunities to be part of Dove and getty images world wide body positivity campaign #showus,  to show “normal” women in advertising and in public spaces. Maren’s image has been shown in Times Square in NYC, and on billboards all over the US, Europe & in various magazines.
Her BA thesis is about weight discrimination and stigmatisation as she has come across this topic plenty of times in her life.
Her goal as a parent is to raise a strong, empathetic, loving child, who acts and talks inclusive and who can be a good example for others.  Having dealt with depression herself and having a husband who deals with mental illness, mental health is also one of the topics she’s very passionate about.
Quoting Maren here, being a mother in a new country, especially during Covid pandemic, when you can’t just hop on a plane to go and see your family, It is a struggle on some days and my goal is to let other moms know that it ‘s ok to not feel great all the time and there are people out there whom they can turn to and get support from.
In this episode we are discussing her Birth Story. How the course of her birth changed with medical intervention. Warning – We talk about laughing gas, episiotomy & Suction cup birth. Around 40mins of the conversation, Maren mentions a technique from Spinning Babies. Its  spinning babies walcher’s position. Here’s the link if you want to know more about this position https://www.spinningbabies.com/pregnancy-birth/techniques/other-techniques/walchers-open-the-brim/



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