2021-03-15 | Baby Ahoy Season 1 – Rosa D’sa Birth Story

Rosa & I have been friends for over a decade now. We met through our respective husbands and we have been friends since. Rosa is a great friend, a fantastic cook & an amazing human being. Her incredible food pictures on social media are certainly drool worthy and I am always in awe of her culinary skills. Rosa has various interests ranging from travel, art, music, books & movies.  In today’s episode, Rosa & I are having a conversation, a trip down the memory lane about the birth of her adorable little boy, Augustine (aka) Oggie. This conversation is very special because I was with Rosa & her husband, Rohan during Oggie’s birth at the hospital as it was an unexpected Preterm birth at 33+ weeks.

  1. At 16 odd minutes of the Podcast, Rosa mentions about too many staff/people in her birthing room as she had given consent for trainees to be at her birth. Please note you can always say no to too many people in the room. It’s about informed decision making about whether you give consent or refuse.  At Rosa’s birth, a few extra staffs such as a Paediatricians, Resident doctors and Nurses were present due to spontaneous preterm labour.
  2. For people tuning in from different parts of the world.  The Maternity care in The Netherlands called Kraamzorg is very unique. Right from the time the baby is born up to the first 8 days, the kraamverzorgster (a Maternity Nurse) would help the new family to get used to new addition in the family. Rosa discusses about her Kraamzorg experiences.
  3. The book that Rosa mentions about an American author in Paris raising her child French is called Bringing Up Be’Be’ by Pamela Druckerman

Chitra Natarajan

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