2021-04-01 | Baby Ahoy Season 1 – Neza Krek Birth Stories

Neza Krek is a HypnoBirthing mum. She’s from Slovenia – the land of mountains, rivers and forest in a lovely household with a lot of good food from her grandmother’s kitchen.  She grew up as that kid who was keen on learning and absorbing everything that was happening in her surroundings.  As a teenager she was called a little feminist because she felt there was injustice as to how differently boys and girls were being treated at school. Later on that feelings transformed into a deeper passion for working with women and women issues in combination with another passion of hers: facilitation of group processes. She was so passionate about helping women and facilitation made her move from Slovenia to The Netherlands her new home.

She made her move in 2011 when she realised that Facilitation had place in her country –  no one knew what facilitation meant, Facilitation – “Yes, you know, when you facilitate group processes and make people in a group feel safe and give them the chance to be who they truly are and then they can open up and grow and flourish!” Nope, nothing, nada, no one understood! So she  moved to the Netherlands where she attended a somewhat unorthodox business school for a year. The plan was for her to move back to Slovenia after that year, equipped with the knowledge so that she can help the women tribe. Well, The plan to return  never happened – Plans never happen the way you think is it? they never go the way you envisioned them. Here she is, 9 years later, still in the Netherlands. She lives outside of  Amsterdam with her fun guy that makes her laugh almost every day and their 3 curious little boys.

Today’s episode is her birth story of her first child Svit and her twins Arne & Bine.

At 14:45 mins – Neza talks about Electronic Fetal Monitoring  to check baby’s heart rate

At 20:30 mins – Neza mentions that the baby is fully ripe meaning the baby is considered full term baby for birth

At 49 mins – Neza mentions a drip which is the amniotic fluid leaking from the sac (membranes released)

At 53 mins – My lovely neighbourhood church bell chimes so kindly ignore the background

For Twin assisted births – Please contact a OB/GYN at your nearest hospital. If you don’t have a specialist you can help you in your local hospital then please do your research and get in touch with specialists at hospitals in bigger cities for your necessary care. 



Chitra Natarajan

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