2021-04-15 | Baby Ahoy Season 1 – Elisabeth’s IVF Journey

Show notes – Elisabeth

Elisabeth is a mother of 3 children. She’s an empathetic teacher, supremely creative artist and a lovely human being. I met Elisabeth through the local community. She has a wealth of information and knowledge about lay of the land, She’s a great organizer and I see her as a community builder.

She later followed my HypnoBirthing course for the birth of her third baby. We talk about her long IVF journey using various fertility treatments of 10 pregnancies to having 3 healthy children but also the loss of pregnancies/miscarriages.

 Pregnancy loss & miscarriages can be triggering for some and may bring difficult emotional memories.  So please take care of yourself while you listen. Please talk to your GP/huisarts about various possible fertility treatments if you need help. Please also look up local Pregnancy loss & miscarriage support group so that you don’t feel lonely in this journey.

If you are an expat living in The Netherlands then please do join Expat Miscarriage Support Group NL on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/121972851801146

At 38.45 – We talk about New Zealand government approves paid leave after miscarriage announced on the day we recorded this podcast (25th March 2021). Unfortunately, I stand corrected. The western media has incorrectly reported that New Zealand as the first country to implement such a law.

 India passed the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act in 1961, which grants 6 weeks of fully paid leave for women who experience a miscarriage at any point in their pregnancy.

 Mauritius offers 3 weeks for miscarriage and 14 weeks for a stillbirth, both fully paid.

 Philippines offers 60 days of fully paid leave for miscarriages at any stage of pregnancy, and this also applies to emergency terminations.

 Indonesia 6 weeks fully paid leave for the mother at any point in her pregnancy.

 Taiwan offers between 5 days to 4 weeks, depending on how far along the pregnancy was.

 Sources – https://ins-globalconsulting.com/taiwan-business-guides/learn-about-taiwan-labor-law/taiwan-guide-maternity-paternity-leave/




https://pcw.gov.ph/availment-of-the-105-day-expanded-maternity-leave-under-republic-act-11210-faqs/ https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/25/world/asia/new-zealand-miscarriage-paid-leave.html


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