2021-06-01 | Baby Ahoy Season 1 – Archana’s Pregnancy & Birth Story – Part 1

Archana’s Pregnancy Journey
Trigger Warning – Some content of this episode can be triggering and difficult for some. Kindly use your discretion before you listen.

Today’s episode is only the first part of her journey into Parenthood – Archana’s pregnancy journey, we discuss very sensitive and deeply difficult topics about why she and her partner had to decide whether to continue or terminate the pregnancy, her previous miscarriage, body image, fat phobia & body positivity. Her many health hurdles during pregnancy and how she overcame all of the hurdles, how she and her partner navigated the Dutch maternity system by being an advocate for her rights to having a baby and a special note about their baby’s name.

Archana is multifaceted, a Technology Strategist, a Public Speaker, a Coach with specialty in coaching culturally diverse teams, Archana is also a Stand-up comedian.  Her social media account is very impressive with her talking about Body image, Body positivity and her journey into Parenthood. Archana also loves dancing.

Do join me to listen to this wonderful human talk about her journey into parenthood.

Archana’s Birthing journey and postpartum will be released as the second part on the 15th of June 2021.




Chitra Natarajan

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