2021-06-15 | Baby Ahoy Season 1 – Archana’s Pregnancy & Birth Story – Part 2 (Postpartum)

Today’s episode is the second part of Archana’s journey into Parenthood – we discuss Archana’s unexpected unassisted home birth. Please note, it was an accidental unassisted home birth. Archana had well trained, experienced midwives to help her through her pregnancy.

9 odd minutes – Archana mentions a book that her partner Mrinal read, book title is  Men, Love & Birth – The book about being present at birth that your pregnant lover wants you to read by a male midwife from the UK. His name is Mark Harris. I would highly recommend all Birth companions to read this book. We also talk about Perineal massage using Epino www.epino.de & Aniball www.aniball.nl

19 – 20 odd mins – Archana mentions Time Distortion and the effect of your body’s own hormones acting like a narcotic
20mins25seconds – Fetus ejection/ejaculation reflex for the birth of the baby
41 mins – Archana is a sexual abuse survivor. She advocated herself for less to no cervical examination for her birth and she mentions about how breastfeeding was something that she didn’t look forward to

Archana & I also spoke about Postpartum blues, rage and importance of mental health. If you do feel signs of depression, postpartum rage, mood swings or irritability then please do get in touch with your GP/huisart and get a therapist for counselling as soon as possible.

Archana is multifaceted, a Technology Strategist, a Public Speaker, a Coach with specialty in coaching culturally diverse teams, Archana is also a Stand-up comedian.  Her social media account is very impressive with her talking about Body image, Body positivity and her journey into Parenthood. Archana loves dancing.

Do join me to listen to this wonderful human talk about her journey into parenthood.





Chitra Natarajan

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