2021-09-15 | Baby Ahoy Season 2 Episode 1 – Barbara Hendus’s Pregnancy & Birth story

Hi ! Welcome to the first episode of Baby Ahoy Podcast Season 2. 

Barbara is originally from Germany and Serdar is from Turkey. Barbara moved to the Netherlands to live with Serdar. Barbara loves animals and nature, enjoys long walks with her dog. She spent many years living in different countries, including very remote areas in the Republic of Congo and Peru where she worked as a field ecologist. Barbara is now supporting nature conservation projects in the global south from afar.

At 12m21secs, Barbara mentions a book by an American midwife – The title of the book is Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth

At 13m50secs, Barbara talks about birth preferences with signs which is making your birth preferences with visual birth icons. You can find some sample visual birth icons here http://www.pinterandmartin.com/the-positive-birth-book-visual-birth-plan-free-download.html or My Birth wish app. Please note, I have no affiliations to Pinter and martin or My Birth wish app.

At 28+mins, I mention about Rapid labor or Precipitous labor which is defined as giving birth after less than 3 hours of regular contractions. Sometimes it’s also called precipitous labor if labor lasts anywhere under 5 – 6hours. Source – Google.

29m10secs, Synthetic oxytocin shot to actively manage placental birth. You can read more about it on https://evidencebasedbirth.com/evidence-on-pitocin-during-the-third-stage-of-labor/ In The Netherlands, synthetic oxytocin is used.

30m51secs, Barbara mentions chest crawl also known as Breast crawl when the baby’s instinctive primitive reflex kicks in for the baby to do the crawling movements to attach to the mother’s areola/nipple. Here’s a video from UNICEF India on Breast crawl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW72pFFEIUo  

If you would like to know more about my HypnoBirthing or ACCESS Childbirth Preparation courses in The Netherlands then please do get in touch through my website www.akriti.nl or write to me on chitra@akriti.nl


Chitra Natarajan

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