2022-03-01 | Baby Ahoy Season 2 – Vasia’s Pregnancy & Birth Journey – Part 1

Vasia is a Greek expat living in Luven, Belgium for the last 9 years. Vasia is a researcher at the University of Luven. She is a mother of two young boys, Nikolas and Vyron, and a wife to compassionate lovely man, Koen.

Trigger Warning – Today’s episode is Vasia’s first pregnancy and a difficult, traumatic birth story. She and I met online in 2020 while she was pregnant with her second baby. She was so traumatised with her first birthing experience that she wanted to prepare herself better to change the narrative of her second birth.

For her second birth, she wanted to birth at home as it would provide the empowerment, validation, support, and healing that she wanted in her second birth experience.

Her second birthing experience will be released as the next episode on the 15th of March.

At 10.15 of the conversation, Vasia talks about Belgian Midwives and at 10.45 of the conversation and after, we talk about home births in Belgium and how the Belgium maternity system has been set up.

At12.30 Vasia mentions a link on Belgium Midwives. Here’s the link if you would like to engage a midwife at Belgium for your birth or any other services: https://www.vroedvrouwen.be/zoek-een-vroedvrouw

At 18.35 We talk about episiotomy which can be triggering for someone who has experienced episiotomy or vaginal tearing.

At 23.15 We talk about coercion for a vaginal examination from one hospital staff which changes the course of birth for Vasia.  It is important to note then Consent is very important. No one can touch you as a Birthing mother/person and coerce you into a vaginal examination. You always have the right to say no or right to ask for time so that you can make an informed decision. Informed Refusal and Informed Consent is an important part of Informed Decision-making process.

At 36 odd minutes Vasia mentions gaslighting. Gaslighting happens when someone tries to control a victim by twisting their sense of reality. This part of the conversation can be triggering for some so please use your discretion before you listen to the conversation.

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Chitra Natarajan

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