2022-03-15 | Baby Ahoy Season 2 – Vasia’s Second Pregnancy & Birth Journey – Part 2

Vasia is a Greek expat living in Luven, Belgium for the last 9 years. Vasia is a researcher at the University of Luven. She is a mother of two young boys, Nikolas and Vyron, and a wife to compassionate lovely man, Koen.

Today’s episode is a continuation of the previous episode. We talk about Vasia’s second pregnancy, how she helped herself understand her body better by preparing for her second birth with HypnoBirthing tools, having a supportive birth team with midwife, doula and her partner Koen. She had a beautiful Home birth second time after the first traumatic birth.  

Her second birth was what she really wanted. An empowering, comfortable,healing, comfortable home birth with the people she wanted to be with.

At 1 odd minute of the conversation –  Vasia mentions gaslighting. Gaslighting happens when someone tries to control a victim by twisting their sense of reality. This part of the conversation can be triggering for some so please use your discretion before you listen to the conversation.

Trigger Warning – At 2.30 to 2.45 seconds,  Vasia talks about her miscarriage. We don’t go into detail about miscarriage but it can still be triggering for someone listening so please use your discretion 

Trigger Warning – At 5:50 seconds, Vasia mentions about a mini panic attack. This can also be triggering for someone listening to please use your discretion

At 15.30 seconds, Vasia mentions Swimming pool but what she meant was an inflatable birth pool that she used to labour in at her own home to give birth to her second baby boy, Vyron.

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Chitra Natarajan

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