2023-03-15 | Baby Ahoy Season 3 – Episode 3 Rudolf’s Journey into Parenthood

This episode is my conversation with a HypnoBirthing dad, Rudolf who shares his journey into Parenthood.  Rudolf was born in South Africa, met his Brazilian partner/wife, Fernanda in The Netherlands. He shares his story of how he prepared himself for the pregnancy by attending the HypnoBirthing course and by 9 books to the frequency of 1 book a month during his wife’s pregnancy to make sure that he can be well prepared.

Rudolf & I talk about everything about preparation during pregnancy, Fernanda’s labor & birth and Rudolf’s presence in the laboring room. Rudolf also shares some intimate details of what went on with him while his wife was giving birth. The sleep deprivation that comes during postpartum and how they have been steering illnesses from the daycare that their toddler brings home.

We recorded this podcast late last year so we talk about birthing in the pandemic and easing of the omicron virus protocols.  This episode will make you smile, grin, laugh and enjoy a father’s/partner’s perspective immensely.  Can I just mention that Rudolf’s partner, Fernanda, gave birth to her baby the day after we recorded the podcast? Yes!  Now they are a happy family of four and I can’t wait to bring him back on this podcast again to talk more about raising two small children.

Enjoy the episode !

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Chitra Natarajan

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