2023-05-01 | Baby Ahoy Season 3 – Episode 6 Joanna’s Postpartum Story

This episode is about Joanna’s Postpartum journey. Joanna gave birth at home but had to be moved to the hospital because of the incomplete birth of the placenta & haemorrhaging.  This is Joanna’s experience of postpartum, her struggles and how she & her partner managed the choppy waters during postpartum.

Joanna & I talk about how breastfeeding is hard and how she dealt with her emotional/mental health through breastfeeding journey and healing through postpartum.  She breastfed her son for sixteen months. We also speak about Postpartum blues and importance of mental health in this episode. Joanna is Polish. After living in Dublin & New York City, she currently lives in The Netherlands with her partner, Iacer & her baby, Yiannis.

If you are a new mother or an expecting parent and if you have signs of depression, postpartum rage, mood swings or irritability then please do get in touch with your GP/huisarts and get a therapist for counselling as soon as possible.

Please do give this episode a spin.

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Chitra Natarajan

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