What is Childbirth Preparation Program?

ACCESS Childbirth Preparation

Akriti has partnered with ACCESS – one of the oldest non-for-profit organisations supporting the international community in The Netherlands to provide Childbirth Preparation Courses in Utrecht.  As a Childbirth Educator i bring in all my expertise to ease any apprehensions parents to be may have, as well as share with them what they need to know about giving birth in The Netherlands: from what to expect, and how to prepare for their upcoming birth & plan for Postpartum. The ACCESS course is NOT a HypnoBirthing course.

The program is a series of 4 weekly group classes of 2.5 hours.  Classes are conducted in Amsterdam & Utrecht. The classes are a mix of theory and practice. You will also be watching various birthing videos.  The classes will cover the following:

  • Introduction to Childbirth & Labour
  • Labour Preparation
  • Birth Preferences and Birth Companion’s Role during Labour, Birth & Postpartum
  • Birth companion’s role in the entire process
  • Breastfeeding & Postpartum

What will you learn during the course?

Childbirth preparationIntroduction to Childbirth & Labour

  • What happens in the mother’s birthing body and working of the Uterus Muscles
  • How does Labour begin and various stages in Labour
    Pre-Labour contractions VS True Labour contractions
  • Breathing techniques for Labour
  • Introduction into Relaxation Techniques for Labour

Labour Preparation

  • How a birthing mother may feel during different stages of Labour
  • Possible Challenges during Labour
  • Complications in Labour – To be or not to be Concerned
  • Exercises for the last trimester
  • Breathing techniques for Birthing

Birth Preferences and Birth Companion’s Role during Labour, Birth & Postpartum

  • Discussion and Help with writing a Birth Plan
  • Birth Explained Simply
  • Pain Medications possibilities at the hospital
  • Massaging Techniques for Labour
  • Birthing partner’s role in all three stages of Labour

Breastfeeding & Postpartum

  • Breastfeeding & Skin to Skin contact
  • Possible challenges and possible solutions
  • Postpartum Period & Physical Changes
  • Postpartum Emotions – Blues Vs Depression
  • Kraamzorg & Guidance to other important websites & resources

    Acces Childbirth 
    For course dates of ACCESS Childbirth Preparation Courses in Amsterdam (from Feb 2024 onwards) & Utrecht , click here using on ACCESS site, https://access-nl.org/childbirth-courses/dates-locations/ 

To Register, click here use the link: https://access-nl.org/childbirth-courses/register/  or email ceb@access-nl.org

For inquiries and further details, do not hesitate to contact ceb@access-nl.org