Infant Massage Course

Massaging, Stroking and Touching is a way to bond with your new born baby. This course will teach you different strokes to facilitate the bonding process and to relax your baby. Learning to bond with the baby with cues such as engaging and disengaging will help reduce over stimulation and over-tiredness for the baby.

Massaging can also help with Colic, Constipation, Reflux, Cold, Cough, Congestion and Sleeplessness.

For new borns to 9 months old (until the baby has started walking)

Benefits of Infant Massage

  • Touch, Massage promotes attachment
  • Encourages stronger muscular coordination
  • Alleviates anxiety and helps baby relax
  • Enhances weight gain especially for preemies
  • Improves Sleep pattern
  • Relieves colicky-ness, constipation and Reflux
  • Great way for both Mother or Father to participate in the class. For Fathers , Massaging is a great way to bond with the new born
  • Serves a calming ritual/routine for the baby
  • Increased trust and confidence with bonding between parent & child

Childbirth Preparation EnglishClass format:

For newborns till about 6-9 months (Ideally before they can turn over and crawl)

Classes may take 3-5 sessions depending on the baby.

Classes are baby-led so babies decide when they want to stop and we will absolutely respect their wishes.

Expect to spend 30 mins to 1hr each session.

Cost of the course would be Euro 195 inclusive of 21% BTW.

If you are interested in knowing more about the course or to enrol for the course click here or email me or call 0643061731