Childbirth preparation

Childbirth Preparation Course

Akriti has partnered with Verloskundigen Helende Meesters for bringing in a one-day childbirth preparation course at Amstelveen.  As a Childbirth Educator I bring in all my expertise to ease any apprehensions parents-to-be may have, as well as share with them what they need to know about giving birth in The Netherlands: from what to expect, and how to prepare for their upcoming birth & plan for Postpartum. 

Date: Saturday, 5th November 2022

Morning Session ~ 10.00hr to 12.30hr 

Lunch ~ 12.30hr   

Afternoon session ~ 13.30hr to 16.30hr 



Introduction to Physiology of labor.

Developing an attitude towards labor – cultural nuances in The Netherlands.

How Dutch Healthcare system works.

Different stages of labor.

Breathing techniques for:

        1. Managing contractions for dilation  

        2. Pushing – Birth of the baby & Birth of the placenta 

Freedom of movement – Taking different laboring positions – Lunges, All fours, Using the ball, Squatting positions.

Different Birthing positions. 

Perineal Massage & Pelvic Floor exercise.

Suction cup birth.

Pain relief possibilities – Non-pharmacological Vs Pharmacological.

Surgical Section.

Birth Partner’s role during Labor, Birth & Postpartum (cultural nuances in all scenarios).

Importance of Postpartum planning and what to expect in the first week. 

Relevant information – Example – Other courses available for Breastfeeding Preparation.


Cost – Euro 325 inclusive 21% btw  


For inquiries and further details, do not hesitate to contact or +31643061731