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I chose this method primarily because I wanted as a relaxed and empowered experience as possible. Hypnobirthing helped reassure me that I had nothing to fear, that labour and delivery was not something to just get through in order to have a baby, but the process itself was something to enjoy. And it was. Looking…

Testimonial: Beth & Jacco

· Caring, compassionate and highly qualified ·

Chitra is a caring, compassionate and highly qualified childbirth professional. I attended her 5-week hypnobirthing course, which helped me to have a relaxed and truly enjoyable birth experience. Chitra’s course provided essential information about the basic physiological processes of childbirth and what to expect during delivery, while providing a nurturing and supportive environment in which…

Testimonial: Neza & Geert

· Testimonial ·

Chitra helped me and my partner prepare for the biggest unknown so far – the birth of our first child. During her Hypnobirthing course, we understood what will be happening during birthing and got our preferences for the process crystal clear. That took a lot of pressure of the unknown away. Furthermore, we understood how…

Testimonial: Zoraide & Helmuth

· Testimonial ·

A friend of mine talked to me about this very nice and enthusiastic person preparing women for birth. I therefore contacted Chitra and she sent me some material. I have to admit that the name, “hypno-birthing”, sounded a bit too hippy at the beginning, then, when I read about the main concept of following mother…

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