Great Session – HypnoMothering

As I’ve already had a crash course on birthing with Chitra just before delivering my baby last year, I was quite confident that I should do my best to attend the session on Hypnomothering. My expectation was that it would help me to get a bit more grounded and back in touch with myself and my body, the same way it happened after the birthing session.
My expectation was most certainly met. Not only have I reconnected with myself, I also was surprised to find myself happy and content about connecting and reconnecting with other participants. To be honest, I almost skipped the workshop just because I feel overwhelmed these days from too much online communication and was a bit scared to go into yet another online group experience. I’m so glad I found strength to go online anyway. And grateful that my baby and the rest of the family cooperated and supported me in having these 2 hours fully to myself.
We started with simple breathing exercises, and it was nice, like a light meditation. However it was when we got to do a version of a body scan very gently and carefully guided by Chitra that I felt real joy! This was definitely the most enjoyable and break-through point of a session to me. For the first time in over 4 months since I’ve given birth I was able to really connect to every part of my body, feel the energy and happiness and being proud of what this body accomplished, in a way, fully feeling myself whole again for the first time after the baby delivery! It was like a moment of inner celebration. When we got back into a group and discussed the experience, I also realised that it felt like a timely and soft end of a so-called “fourth trimester”, a really freeing sensation. And this all happened just through a 2-hour online session, unbelievable!
For all these reasons I would highly recommend Chitra’s HypnoMothering Workshop both to expectant and new mothers. It is gentle, knowledgeable, safe, comprehensive and professional.
Thank you!
Yulia Komo
5th April 2020

Chitra Natarajan